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go to site As my birthdays arrive sooner than I can ever remember (I remember counting the ¼, ½ and ¾ of each year!), so do the fine lines on my forehead, around my eyes and along my cheeks. My laugh lines, if you will. I see them more clearly now and clearer still with each passing year (my newly acquired reading glasses helped with that!!). Getting older is a hard pill to swallow, but aging is harder still. The only way for me to accept it is to embrace it. I look at pictures of myself and of course I see all of those wrinkles most when I am laughing whole-heartedly or deeply smiling. And you know what…they don’t look so bad. Laugh lines are worth it when they are the direct result of joy and pleasure, or perhaps when they are from pain and tears. All still worth it. go to link Who am I?

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wer kennt stockpair I am many things, but off the top, I am a mom, a wife, a fitness enthusiast, a yogi, a holistic nutritionist, a fashion developer, a cook (self-proclaimed of course), a homemaker, and still, just a girl (not that being a girl is anything less than wonder-full).

I enjoy shopping and eating out, getting my nails done and playing dress-up (…chic-ly of course!). I love doing things at home with my husband and children, travelling, reading, writing and contemplating. I am a crafter, a knitter, a sewer, a woodworker and a toymaker.

I studied fashion design and later worked in the industry. I married my love and shortly thereafter we had our first child. I then decided I needed to study holistic nutrition. I practiced for a while. Having a child opened my world to a whole new philosophy in education and so began my journey into Waldorf Education. Somewhere in there I wanted to study Kundalini Yoga, which I did. However, I never really pursued yoga as a career. I chose only to use it in my personal practice.

I had two more children after that and then all things non-child related were (temporarily) put aside. During this time, as I focused more and more on my children and their needs, my other interests flourished. The crafty girl in me blossomed, and I enjoyed years of crafting and knitting and making toys. And being inspired by some pretty amazing people.

It seems the learning never stops; and thank goodness for that!!


agence de rencontre quГ©bec Laugh Lines and My Make-up

This blog is my journal, if you will. I am no expert in any area that I choose to write about. This is just a place for me to leave my thoughts and organize them. My thoughts are of course based on my personal experiences and knowledge but not based on any expertise. I want this to be a place where I grow and learn about myself. This is a place for me to write down my thoughts, leave them for a little while and just be aware of them. Learn from them but not ‘be’ them.

What we think affects all of us, wholly, the body, the mind and the spirit. But, I am learning that we are not our thoughts or emotions, we are only aware of our thoughts and emotions. Each stage of life brings into our awareness different thoughts and emotions and we are the conscious receivers.

I want to grow to become a conscious receiver. I want to be able to use that consciousness and awareness to grow in love with myself. Too often my thoughts have taken me to a place of self-un-love (I don’t want to use the word hate), or a place where I don’t value myself. There is no growth there.

Keeping this journal is where I will grow. I will rant about whatever I want. I will overcome fears and face mirrors I cannot avoid. I hope to share in my challenges while inspiring others.

I cannot definitively say what topics this blog will encompass but I know that for me it will be a platform to learn acceptance and love for the one person I have sort of forgotten about – me!

Who am I? Perhaps it does depend on which day you ask, but I hope to learn something through this journal. Who I am? Maybe, but more importantly I want to learn to love and accept myself Buy Cialis 25 mg in Escondido California as I am.





3 thoughts on “My Self”
  1. Sandy Sicoli June 18, 2015 on 1:58 pm Reply

    I truly enjoyed reading and learning more about you; your thoughts, hopes, fears and many talents. We often get too busy with life to be reflective but I agree it’s necessary for personal growth, inner strength and in the end, to be better for those around you but most importantly for yourself. Personal fulfillmemt and being happy, not just satisfied are not always easy to achieve. I look forward to reading your blog…so continue writing!

    • laughlines June 19, 2015 on 12:29 am Reply

      Thanks Sandy. that’s just what i needed to hear:))

  2. Vania Perruzza July 16, 2015 on 2:31 pm Reply

    I LOVE this! The story of your grandmother made me feel things that many of us of this generation can relate too. Thanks for including me on your journey! Can’t wait to read more!

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