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Boundaries are a Blessing


  As a new mom (way back when) I had read many parenting books. Some books, to this day, remain on my shelves as treasured gems, others I have shared with loved ones, and others still have gone by the wayside (ahem…not all parenting books are created equal). What I found repeated in most, if […]

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The Gift of Forgiveness

Forgiving others, forgiving ourselves. Forgiveness is the key to Self-Love

Forgiveness truly is a gift. It is one that when wholly embraced produces miracles. Miracles that can be appreciated only when there is nothing standing in the way of loving your Self and being kind to your Self, above all else. That self-love fosters miracles not only in your own life but also in the […]

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I Wish I Could be a Dancer

  Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph. Those were what I learned to be the three basic body types when studying fashion design. The Ectomorph is the dancer’s body or a runway model’s body. Long and lean, usually flaunting an inner thigh gap, very waif-like and small boned. This is what I have always looked upon with […]

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-15 to Happiness

  In keeping with the notion of loving myself right now, just as I am and not waiting to change something about the way I look, in order to love me, I have (perhaps reluctantly) decided to ease up on my all-consuming dieting regime and this self-depleting need to lose weight. These extra 15lbs I […]

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