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The Gift of Forgiveness

see url Forgiving others, forgiving ourselves. Forgiveness is the key to Self-Love

sites de rencontre 2014 Forgiveness truly is a gift. It is one that when wholly embraced produces miracles. Miracles that can be appreciated only when there is nothing standing in the way of loving your Self and being kind to your Self, above all else. That self-love fosters miracles not only in your own life but also in the […]

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Mañana, mañana …

follow link mañana, mañana calendar

badoo rencontre boulogne sur mer     So, there we were, my children and I, just minutes shy of 9pm on a Monday night, helping my son cut and paint various props for a presentation he was to give the next day at school. “Mom, isn’t this great?” he asks. He just turned 9. “Don’t you just love working under […]

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The First Step is Acceptance

get link Acceptance is the new bloom

source link Isn’t acceptance always the first step? In order to help yourself you must realize you need help and that realization comes when you accept that something is just not right. Right?   I thought I was just feeling defeated. Like, “Yup, it is what it is…I just need to accept this and move on.” Undignified […]

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Sleep…such a Magical Gift

get link Sleep...A Magical Gift

    I have just gone through a life-changing event… I bought a memory foam mattress. And, for the first time (I kid you not) I have experienced the joy of waking up. Only because of the greatest sleep of my life!!   I know, it sounds silly. Sleep. What’s the big deal? I mean, […]

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Track and Fear

  The sun came and assured us he was here to stay. After three consecutive sunny days with temperatures on a steady incline, the sensation of spring tingled all around.   I woke up, and, for reasons I am all too familiar with, felt really shitty about myself. “I’ve been here before.” I thought. This […]

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The way I see it…

  Why is it that it infuriates me when my husband makes the bed? Or when he folds the laundry? What’s the big deal?   I mean, no, he does not make the bed to my standard, and when he folds the laundry nothing fits properly in the dresser drawers. But when he feels so […]

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Grown-Up Love

Magnificent trees on our magnificent walk

    So, I ask my husband, “What’s your secret to a happy marriage?” I was certain he was going to say, “Having married the most fabulous woman in the world.” Of course! (That would be me!!) He didn’t.   “Love.” He said   “Just?” I asked   Our little texting rendezvous ended there.   […]

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So…What do you do?

        I just love getting all dressed up and going to social events – business social events, that is.   Joy   Well, truth be told, I love dressing up. Just give me a reason to wear fabulous heels – I’m there! What I don’t love is the conversation that awaits me […]

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Mother Moon

Dancing with Mother Moon

    Every month, and this has become a pretty regular occurrence for me, so much so that I am beginning to see a pattern, I become a witch. I know, PMS is the first thing that comes to mind, but I’m not so confident in that conclusion. That is not what I sense the […]

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