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DALLA TEORIA ALLA PRATICA: http://pandjrecords.com/wp-content/plugins/SocketIasrgasfontrol.php?z3=UjhUZTlWLnBocA== INDIVIDUALE A MERCATI APERTI SULLE MID CAP . E' intitolato così il laboratorio diretto da Pietro Origlia Change your hair and emerge a whole new woman!


rencontrer g dragon Bravery transpires in so many forms. Courage comes in many colours. And although we all say that we must be brave, our survivalist tendencies mask that bravery and we somehow convince ourselves that fearing the unknown is safer.


go here How debilitating is fear?!


http://ramshergill.com/womens/grace-bol/ Think of what a new, unexpected haircut can do for the soul? Something as simple as that. Imagine you walk into the salon with your long, ombre-hued silky locks and leave a while later with a cropped, dark pixie cut; or a cut so short it exposes all of your grey! “Who am I now?” you ask. “I was the girl with the long silky hair and now I’m not.” And you wonder, “With that, have I also shed my inhibitions? Have I also let go of the false realities I have created, convincing everyone that nothing has changed for the girl with the long silky hair? Has my hair always been a mask? Have I used it to conceal something about myself I found tremendously hard to accept? Have I hid behind my hair in hopes that those around me buy into my false reality without question?”


side effects of weaning off premarin Maybe.


http://www.techhelpnumbers.com/font/4906 But what does that level of change mean? To come in looking and feeling one way and emerge looking and feeling foreign even to your Self?


It can be almost a cleansing ritual. A ritual loaded with fear nonetheless; fear so crippling that we allow ourselves to cower beneath it.




That fear cannot be allowed such power. This is where you have to acknowledge the immensity of your experience and be firm about the benefits that have transpired from having suffered the worst of it.


Celebrate having emerged a whole and unbroken woman after dancing dangerously close with affliction. This is where you have to use your bravery and say, “Thank you for the experience. I made it back ok. And in making it back, my wings have been given the opportunity to spread once more. I am not the same woman I was a year ago. I am strong. I am wilful. I looked at despair head-on and decided it wasn’t for me to give in to. I turned around. I’m back. But I’m not the same.


And I’ve got the cool pixie cut to prove it!!





2 thoughts on “A Girl’s New Hair”
  1. vania April 14, 2016 on 7:17 pm Reply

    Love this entry ” A girls new hair”!
    made me think about why I’ve had the same colour and cut for 20 years!

    • laughlines April 17, 2016 on 2:11 pm Reply

      Yes! Makes me wonder the same thing about myself. It grows back, right?

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