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Boundaries are a Blessing

  As a new mom (way back when) I had read many parenting books. Some books, to this day, remain on my shelves as treasured gems, others I have shared with loved ones, and others still have gone by the wayside (ahem…not all parenting books are created equal). What I found repeated in most, if […]

By My Bed in March

  Look at this small collection of books. What was I thinking? Where was (or is) my mind at? None of these three books were what I had in cue to read this past March. One book simply inspired the next and now, when I consider what I learned from each of them, it all […]

A Girl’s New Hair

  Change your hair and emerge a whole new woman!   Bravery transpires in so many forms. Courage comes in many colours. And although we all say that we must be brave, our survivalist tendencies mask that bravery and we somehow convince ourselves that fearing the unknown is safer.   How debilitating is fear?!   […]